Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, Wings...

That was sort of an important game to win, and by sort of, I mean TOTALLY. But while I started off thinking "tonight's gonna be a good night" a la the Black Eyed Peas, as soon as Kopitar scored that first goal, I knew you (and we as fans) were doomed.

I'm not blaming anyone. I am not going to go that route. I did last night but not today. There are holes everywhere and I have theories and whatever. Oh what the hell, I will share:

1. Are our veterans so used to winning that the can't figure out how to lose? Really. How can they blow a two goal lead so consistently it's a punchline like, "Is the Pope Catholic." HOW? There is zero intensity from 30% of the team. I know we can rely on the young guys for that and even Bertuzzi, who yes, while quite possibly the most hated man in the NHL, does not deserve all the hate and "he fucked up AGAIN"s thrown his way. Bert, you do not have to use the spinorama on every move, you look like me playing NHL '96, but yes, it frequently works, and you are putting forth effort, which is more than I can say for some.

2. Jonathan Ericsson, I still think you suck. Sorry. I think people love you because they think you're hot. Men and women. You are mildly attractive, but I don't get all that mad love. I like you because you have a Wolverine healing factor. But this: is just meh. There are hotter Swedes in the league, on the team even. But I digress to a world I don't like to visit. You suck. I'm tired of "he's young," "he's suffering from high expectations," "he still has a lot to learn," and my personal favorite, "defensemen have a slow learning curve." Bullshit. Yes, he is young. Of course there are high expectations, he is a Detroit Red Wing, yes he has a lot to learn, but his teachers are quite amazing (TPH anyone?) and that last statement is wrong. Sorry Ellen, I adore you, but no. Defensemen have to learn faster. They have more TOI and they are facing top scorers. Their learning curve has to be fast. You want to tell me that Del Zotto and Tyler Myers are slow to learn? Nuh-uh. Ericsson: Nut up or shut up. You suck.

3. Lebda: see above, only I'm over you. Go away.

4. Meech: I do not feel the same hate as everyone else. Your game is improving. I'd rather see you on the ice than either of these guys. You may stay.

5. When everyone got all excited about Lilja returning when Mick went into fantasy land last night, I thought, "are you fucking with me?" Dude has not played professional ice hockey in a year. He wasn't the second coming to begin with. NO. He is also done peeps, with is tragic, I like him. But no, he wouldn't be better. But see above. Hotter Swede.

6. Opinions, people. Blogging offers opinions. I am not an analyst. Nor am I Ken Holland. Neither are you. I do understand sports though, and also psychology. RE: Datsyuk, I would like to offer you my opinion: There is something else going on. First of all, his defensive game is sick. He is awesome. His scoring touch, not so much. I think it is much harder for Russian players to play without another Russian. I think it is also harder to live without living amongst other Russians. The language barrier? Tired of everyone bitching about the fact that his English is not great. Have you looked at a Cyrillic alphabet? Jesus people. I think there is credence to the story of his wife's unhappiness. Do NOT be surprised when another Russian ends up on the team. I'm not saying THAT ONE though I'd love to see it. But there will be one. Soon.

7. Leino. I told Michael Petrella at the Production Line that I would trade you for a six pack and some Taco Bell. He countered that you are only worth the Taco Bell. I wanted to love you, but you are not doing anything. Another year in Grand Rapids would have helped, but I do understand with your age, you didn't want to do that. But is this better? I think I can answer that for you. This sucks.

8. A two goal lead in the first does not mean you have won. This game lasts sixty minutes, or in your case, sixty five plus the shootout.

9. Professional athletes do not belong in the Olympics. Not only does the schedule suck balls this year, I really think the elite players are focused on the gold. Fuck that, focus on making the playoffs.

10. This is a team sport. It does feel like the hockey gods are against this team this year. But the entire team has to want to play and want to win and not fuck up. This is not the case at all. Bad luck, bad breaks, injuries, whatever. This team is equally responsible for their losses.

That is all.

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  1. Number 9? Yup. Couldn't agree more. Ah, the good old days when it wasn't allowed...