Thursday, December 31, 2009


I could write a list as is the trendy thing to do at the end of the year, but really, all I have been focusing on for the last two days is the Wings/Avalanche game. I have no lists for you (except maybe Top Ten Reasons I Hate the Avalanche, which really doesn't fit into a year end deal).

If you've ever read this blog, you know I don't like the Avalanche. I mean, that is stating the obvious. I'm a Wings fan. Really, maybe we should get over it. Some would say that rivalry has been dead for some time. But I'm not going to ever get over this (just watch the very beginning, past Chuck Norris, ignore bad spelling, I did not make this):

I think it's also pretty safe to say that I'll always be geeked out about this (this one's long, it's the full fight, and if you're one of my non hockey readers, please take the seven minutes out of your life to watch it):

So, yeah, tonight's game was big.

We, as Wings fans, have enjoyed watching our team have so much success for so long, that this season has been rough. It's been an adjustment to watch them fight each win out and a disappointment to watch each brutal loss. For awhile, it seemed as if anyone wearing the winged wheel who looked at the ice wrong was destined for a 4-6 week vacation. There have been days of elation and nights of despair. Okay, yeah, that does sound obsessive, but come on, I am, we know this.

Basically, what I am trying to say is this season has been hard to watch until I figured out how to watch it. It's been satisfying, even in the losses, to see the prospects learn how to play at an NHL level. At first it was hugely frustrating, but Uncle Mike is coaching them well. Some of our newbies have been great snags. I knew Eaves was going to be great, and he has not disappointed me. Miller? Another diamond in the rough. Bertuzzi? Whatever. Thanks for scoring, dude, may you find some peace. Now we're to the point where when our injured come back, we're going to miss these guys, and the knowledge that THESE are the guys that are the future, that the team has enough depth to keep them in playoff range, even with multiple starters out - well that is pretty awesome.

So tonight I just felt like it would be a nice end to the year to beat the Avalanche at home before the big road trip. It's sounding like a lot of the guys will be traveling with the team and returning at some point soon. I felt good about this game, but it was New Year's, so we were eating dinner and trying not to be weirdos like we are. The first period was scoreless and I really just was trying to not freak out.

Then in the second period, Datsyuk scored, and I think maybe angels sang. I mean, has he been injured and they're keeping it on the down low? What the hell, Pavel, where have you been? But welcome back, we have missed you. GLORIOUS. I might have pulled something as I jumped over my kitchen table, but I think I'll be okay.

Exactly five minutes later, Darren Helm, the fastest man alive, with his trademark breakaway finally figured out how to finish and scored a shorty. He's only had, what - forty chances or so this season? Unbelievably beautiful, I knew he would be lethal when it finally happened.

Two questionable penalties lead to power play goals by Brandon Yip at the end of the second and midway through the third and I'm stressing again. But Ville Freaking Leino gets a goal assisted by Meech. WHAT? Yeah, I know. If you just read this and didn't watch the game you'd totally think I made it up. Come on though, sitting in the doghouse always leads to results. It was a weird tip but still, you can do it Ville.

Feeling good, right? No, then the stupidest penalty ever called, a total dive, and the Wings are shorthanded for the rest of the game. The Avs pull Anderson but Helm gets an empty netter making it 4-2 and the Wings rock my world on New Year's Eve.

Player of the game - hands down, Darren Helm.
Player who sucks - Claude Lemieux. I realize he is retired. Nope, I'll never get over it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I Should Post More

Christmas was awesome. There is nothing like watching a 3 year old freak out over presents and Santa and the like. But now that our 11 billion Christmases are over I have to get back to reality (which means work). Ugh.

I'll write another update on the H2H thing soon. It's getting awesome and I need your help. Pass on the info to all hockey fans and/or charitable people you know. The links are in the last post. Help out. There will be more links soon. I think we've reached the goal. Remember, all excess money is going to Children's Hospital of MI. This is an opportunity to help a lot of kids.

Listen to NHL Home Ice tomorrow at 10:20 CST to hear more info from the Chief. If you don't have it, sign up for a free trial - should be good stuff.

Fantasy football is over. You win some, you lose some. Left a lot of points on the bench again (I fucking knew I should have kept Brees on the bench) and lost by one freaking point. Thanks for that fumble AP. You're awesome. Oh well, serves me right, I won by one point last week. I did win the other one. We won't talk about the third league. So one championship, one second place finish - I can live with that. Now I can enjoy football more and focus on my fantasy hockey team which is tied for second.

That is all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The H2H Project

I know I have like five readers because my life is thrilling and I treat this like it's my locked journal. But all five of you need to know about this awesome thing that is happening.

Last week, Kris at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle wrote this post. This comment stood out:

Have you ever had the chance to see them play in person?

Unfortunately not. Yet.
as well as this:

How large is the community of Wings fans where you live? Are there a lot of other NHL fans?

I never met another fan in person.

So out of that was born this, this, and this, which is currently this.

Herm's coming to Hockeytown. The remaining proceeds (if you didn't bother to click, over $1600 has been raised at this posting) will be donated to the Red Wings Wish Club, and I'm sure that amount will be substantial.

To my two anti Wings fan readers, you might think we're jerk faces. I present you evidence that we are a charitable bunch. :) If you are so inclined, please donate. $1, $5, every bit helps. If you are on Twitter, follow the hashtag #H2H. I'll keep you posted as to how this plays out. It's exciting. What started as a wild idea to bring a Brazilian hockey fan to see his favorite team is turning into an epic event that will help a lot of kids.

Hockeytown. No Limits.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

HEY I'm over here too!

Read more about football and stuff over here: Armchair Association. Also sign up for the forum because we rule. Click around, especially on "Know Your Assailant." Some brilliant adolescence for smart people over on Armchair Association.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Superstitious Much?

I have touched on my sports superstitions in a previous post, but let's revisit, shall we?

I've always been extremely superstitious about everything, but sports takes it to a whole new level. The luckiest shirt on the face of Earth is my away Favre jersey. I guess it's vintage at this point. I got it for Christmas in like 1995 or something. It's the real deal, not the el cheapo version. This jersey took the Packers to the Superbowl twice. If I wear it, they win. Even Favreless. Which reminds me, I should probably wear that the next two (hopefully more) weeks.

Hockey is another beast. Someone on A2Y theorized that in order for your particular superstition to work, the whole thing hinges on whether or not all the other fans have stuck to theirs. It's a delicate balance, one can't stray from what is working or it might throw the entire team off. People who are not hockey fans might think this is insane, but it seems perfectly logical to me. Somebody dropped the ball after game five of the SCF, and if I find you, I will kick your ass. I'm the one who had to wear my stupid ass Twilight shirt (don't judge) underneath my Wings hoodie in freaking JUNE for the good of the team. Oh and the only beer that was able to be consumed during games was Labatt Blue regular or light. I never strayed from doing my duty. I even ate Little Caesars which is totally not as good as it used to be before their "it's $5, get it now, yo" promotion. Pizza Twins used to be the shit. I love the Ilitches so whatever, I'll eat shitty Little Caesars.

So this year I've been trying out new traditions because a) I am not wearing the Edward Cullen shirt for another year and b) regular season is a good time to start fresh. Plus I got an Yzerman and a Zetterman during the off season. Things proven to work: Deacon's almost too small Superman shirt with the #19 ironed on the back (at his request). This shirt is magical and was worn during the Zetterberg hat trick. I will make him wear this as long as he fits into it. Both the Yzerman and the Zetterberg seem to work. My comfortable, yet not fashionable fleece Grinch pajama pants work, and it will not be my favorite thing ever if I have to wear them in the summer. But I will. For my team. And let's be real, at this point, I'll wear a parka in June if we make it to June.

Things proven not to work: Wearing the winged wheel on off days. Bad mojo this season. Wings gear on game day only. Off days are for whatever else. Wearing a jersey on an off day pretty much assures a loss the following day. Wearing the maple leaf works to make the Leafs win (I did it for you Dagny), although it could possibly have angered the Hockey Gods so I will not be tempting fate anymore, not with nine starters out. We shall see what plays out. Something is screaming at me to get a Tomas Holmstrom jersey. Perhaps that is the missing element of the season. Zac doesn't believe in any of this. He thinks it's horseshit and that I am insane to even entertain these ideas. He refuses to participate (maybe you are the one who threw everything off, fan wardrobe is essential to a hockey team's success). Maybe I'll just get him a Franzen jersey so the point will be moot, because it probably isn't doing the Wings any favors if you're rocking a Fedorov in 2009 (and I love Fedorov, so shut up).

So let's discuss the injuries/crimes against the Hockey Gods: We've already discussed the Leafs jersey incident. I'm not going to explain it further, I have many jerseys, it's a collection. And okay, maybe I shouldn't have posted the No Limits commercial. Everyone who appears in it (except Lidstrom) is currently injured. Also, in A2Y's "who will get injured next?" contest, I chose Hank - he was injured 2 days later. Now don't be hating on me. I do not have super powers, at least not of that variety. If I did, the Penguins would be in last place, my novel would be #1 on the NY Times best seller list for the last 200 weeks, and I would be independently wealthy. If you are still superstitious enough to believe that I DO have that kind of power, I ask you to meditate on the word POWERBALL for either Saturday or Wednesday and when I win, I will finance A2Y's entire April trip. Yes, for everyone.

Why am I writing all of this down? Because for a minute there, when I was pondering all of this while driving home this afternoon, I almost believed it.