Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All is Right in the World

Because the Wings won on the road after the worst first period in like forever. I seriously almost shut my TV off 30 seconds in to the game. But I can't do that because I feel like they need me to stare at them in order to win. Which clearly is not true because when Deacon woke up, the score was 2-1 Canucks and when I came back out 15 minutes later it was tied 3-3. But whatever, I choose to believe that. The Hockey Gods need me to watch them. And drink Labatt Blue Light. Maybe that's just during the playoffs, I don't know, I haven't tested that theory this year, could be why they're losing. Nonetheless, I will be wearing Yzerman to preschool tomorrow. I wore Zetterberg last week. I started off the year purely by coincidence two weeks in a row in RW tees so now I feel like for the entire school year I have to wear the winged wheel. A victory calls for number 19.

Care to comment, fellow weirdo superstitious sports fans? <-- and by that statement I mean "The Leafs are cursed by members of my family watching them." It's not true dude. But you believe it, right? Hockey fans are NOT like other fans, just like the commercials say.